Hypnotherapy can Help 

Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Anxiety and Panic Attacks - By treating the symptoms and utilising coping st​rategies you can control your anxiety and achieve freedom. These are manifestations of past fears that are no longer required.

Performance and Social Anxiety


Performance and Social Anxiety -  can help to improve performance whether at work, play or sport. By integrating the subconscious with the conscious mind to visualise success and be your very best.

Hypnotic Gastric Band


Hypnotic Gastric Band - can be fitted safely in the subconscious mind to encourage healthier size portion control for a fitter future

Weight Control - an effective treatment to reduce obsessive urges with food that opens up a new communication channel between body and mind for problem eaters.  

Body Dysmorphia


Body Dysmorphia - helps by reprogramming the gateway from self loathing of a perceived view to positive acceptance.

Low Self Esteem - increase confidence and self belief..



Phobias - can be so debilitating and interfere with your life.  By addressing the root cause and reframing your view of feeling trapped in a whirlwind of panic and fear I can help you diminish the fear and rid the phobia.

Stop Smoking / Bad Habits


Stop Smoking / Bad Habits - by reprogramming your mind to remove the unnecessary reasons and urges to repeat a bad habit and when the benefits outweigh the addiction, Hypnotherapy is an effective solution.

O​ther issues for treatment

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - a traumatic event that can be accepted, reconciled and left behind safely in the past.

Health Anxiety - learn to enjoy life without constantly fretting unnecessarily

Menopause/PMS - So many uncomfortable symptoms can be helped to be controlled and minimised.

Fertility - when all medical reasons are ruled out, then relaxation techniques can help.

Pain Control - by strengthening your coping skill including distraction and transforming perceived pain sensations.

Grief, Loss - by addressing the emotions, accepting, compartmentalising and allowing yourself enjoyment in life moving forward.

Lack of Motivation - to address the root cause and create an action plan using CBT to change our reactions to oppressive and limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Hypnotherapy can also help with

Presentations, Interviews, Public Speaking, Sport, Social Engagements, Revision/Study/Exams, Driving Test, Leadership Skills

I also have a lot of experience working with children for all sorts of issues including school anxiety, bed wetting, social anxiety, phobias etc.  Parent or Guardian to be present at all times.